Net Media Lab organized the Online Conference (Multiplier Event) of the Erasmus+ Project DigiTeaL: Digital Teaching Literacy on Wednesday 12 October 2022 at 17:30-20:30 via Zoom, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the limitations imposed by it. A strong audience of 91 people (mostly teachers from Athens but also from rural areas of Greece) attended the event, which was entitled: “Digital Teaching Literacy in the School of the Future” and lasted 3 hours.

The Multiplier Event was a great opportunity to present to a large audience complete, finalized and tangible project results (Greek National and Comparative Report, Competence Framework, Open Badges User Guide, Technical and Motivational Guidelines).

In the first part, Dr. Athanasios Drigas, Research Director at N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” presented the Research Center to the audience together with the activities of his laboratory. He then presented an overview of the DigiTeaL project before all four (4) Intellectual Outputs, their results and activities, were presented by himself and the two other members of Demokritos, namely Vasiliki Bravou and Yannis Papagerasimou. In this section, the teachers had the opportunity to get informed about how to support their work during online learning as well as in-class using digital technologies. In addition, they were informed about various tools for online communication and collaboration, safety, assessment and feedback through Open Badges and also about issues related to the risks and benefits of online learning, managing learners in an online learning environment and others.

After the presentation of the DigiTeaL project and its results, which was the main aim of the event, the second part was devoted to presentations related to the “School of the Future” and specifically about metacognitive skills, the future teachers and students, technologies in a “smart” school and finally, about technological developments that will affect and change the school of the future. This part also included a training programme on how to use badges through the use of the e-platform of the previous MeLDE Project.

From the feedback and comments received, it was apparent that the teachers showed a real interest in the activities and aims of the project and to access and reuse the material produced and learn more about the usage of the Open Badges methodology for assessment purposes. The Demokritos team emphasized the need to keep the project alive after its financial lifetime ends and how to sustain and exploit its results and products with the involvement of more schools and teachers.

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