One of the most important scientific pillars of Net Media Lab is Education and Training.

In this framework our most important educational activities are:

The postgraduate degree entitled “Specialization in ICTs: Psychopedagogy of Integration” and

The Annual seminars on Special Education and ICTs

The subject of the Postgraduate Program is the postgraduate specialization and theoretical deepening of scientists of various specialties in subjects related to Special Education and the Pedagogy of Integration.

In this context, the Postgraduate Program aims at the provision of high-level postgraduate studies and the appropriate theoretical and practical resources to enable students to pursue a scientific career in the field of Special Education and ICTs. This way, students will be able to respond to the ever-increasing needs of Public, Private and Informal Education, as well as that of Social Care Providers, for fully trained and specialized staff.

In the last decade, our lab organizes annual seminars in the field of Special Education with the support of Information and Communication Technologies.

These seminars are addressed to teachers of all levels who deal with issues concerning learning difficulties and behavioral problems of children on a daily basis as well as to specialists (psychologists, child psychiatrists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, etc.) who work in the field of children’s and adolescent’s mental health. These seminars may also be useful for tertiary students who may be interested in special education in the future and to parents who want to understand the learning difficulties and behavioral problems of their children better. Through training, participants have the opportunity to discuss their concerns, solve their queries and initiate the organization of even more specialized seminars.

Finally, through projects that we implement, in collaboration with other organizations both public and private either in Greece or abroad, we organize educational activities both in an educational – scientific form as well as in technological applications and innovations.