Programme:Lifelong Learning Programme

Action: Leonardo Da Vinci

Field: Development of Innovation


Start Date:01/01/2002

End Date:31/12/2004

Duration:36 Months


The strength of Small and Medium European Enterprises can be found in the productive flexibility, which adequately meets marketing needs. On the other hand their weak point is the incapacity of training both young new people new to the firm and long term workers, according to a specific programme and foreseeing future needs (see the different National and Community researches). All this is particularly important as regards the development possibilities of SMEs in view of the rapid technological, organizing and productive changes, which the same firms have to face owing to the market globalization. If European SMEs are unable to analyze their internal organization by foreseeing and determining training needs as regards the productive transformation strategies and goals, they will probably run the risk of not overcoming the impact with planetary evolution.


Wyzsza Szkola Humanistyczno Ekonomiczna W Lodzi – Poland
I.P.S.I.A. “A. Pacinotti” – Italy
Consorzio Plarform – Italy
Institut Postepowania Tworczego – Poland
Assindustria Pistoia – Italy
National Center for Scientific Research ” Demokritos” – Greece
Elkede SA – Kek Elkede SA – Greece
Servindustria Pistoia s.r.l. – Italy