Net Media Lab has been involved in numerous National and European projects over the years. Our involvement in Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ projects in recent years forms one of our most important activities, broadening our network of associates all over Europe.

Since 2015, our lab has participated in 8 Erasmus+ projects and one EEA Grants project dealing with the concepts of e-skills, e-learning and e-inclusion for various social groups of people such as senior citizens, women as well as teachers and young people through which we have collaborated with Universities, Research Centers, NGO’s and other educational organizations from the UK, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and Sweden.

Numerous educational activities regarding ICT education have been organized in the framework of these projects either to introduce people to ICTs or to enhance and upgrade their e-skills.

One of these projects, entitled “Code and Youth”, which dealt with the teaching of basic programming skills as well as Robotics to high-school children, was chosen as a Good Practice example by the European Commission in 2018. More info here.

You can check out all of our projects here.