Net Media Lab organised and implemented the Pilot Testing of the Erasmus+ KA2 School Project “MeLDE: Media Literacy in the Digitalised Era”

As we are successfully reaching the end of the European Erasmus+ project MeLDE – Media Literacy in the Digitalised Era: Supporting Teachers Through a Whole-School Approach, Net Media Lab organized and implemented the pilot testing activities, with the aim of testing the project’s educational material and created products to a group of Secondary Education teachers, and help them familiarize with the notion of media literacy and its value during the 21st century. It is considered crucial to know about digital tools for online education, online communication and collaboration and online safety, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most of the educational activities are being held online.

The training activities of the MeLDE project, were held online and were divided in 3 sessions, the first being on the 13th of July, the second on the 22nd of July and the third on the 28th of July 2021, with the participation of 25 teachers in total.

During the sessions, apart from a general presentation of the MeLDE project and its products, the participants were trained on Canva, a tool for creating digital material. Also, the participants were trained on the use of the MeLDE e-Platform and its functions and they were especially taught about the material of the e-Safety module of the project.

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