Net Media Lab organised and implemented the Photography Workshop of the Erasmus+ Project “MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS”

As we are successfully reaching the end of the European Erasmus+ project MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS – Professionalization Of Youth Workers – Integration Of Migrants Through Multi-Medial & Art-Based Learning, Net Media Lab organized and implemented a Photography Workshop with the aim of testing a part of the project’s educational material.

It is said, that Europe is undergoing the so called “migration crisis”. More and more people come to EU countries searching for a better future. Now that we can observe tensions resulting from the flow of people coming to EU countries, it is crucial for youth work, as the Agenda 2020 states, to enable people living together in diverse societies, including “preventing discrimination on any ground”.

The core idea that underpins the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS project is to create a supportive environment for youth workers, in favour of social inclusion of young people with migrant background and reinforce their role as (European) citizens. This can be achieved by providing them and youth organizations with the set of methods and tools supporting youth workers in their professional activities on developing and improving migrants’ basic soft skills, taking initiative and extracting their potential by using art as a driver for education and integration.

The workshop of the MGM project, was held online on the 13th of July 2021, with the participation of 27 teachers, youth workers and young people, some of which have a migration background.

The workshop lasted 2 hours, during which a short history and some technical aspects of photography were presented, and some food for thought was given regarding the notion of photography and its poetic dimension. Also, apart from a general presentation of the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS project, we presented the products of the project to the participants and especially the Handbook for youth workers, the Board Game MyChallenge and the MyGrant Digital Library, which hosts all the workshops and their educational material.

The feedback from the participants was very positive. They expressed their excitement and stated that even though the event was held online, they really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the art of photography.

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