Successful PhD Thesis Completion – Collaboration between Net Media Lab and the Department of Psychology of the University of Athens

The PhD thesis of Dr. Marios Pappas has been completed with great success. It concerns the first digital tool in Greece for the assessment of Dyscalculia and is a collaboration between Net Media Lab of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” and the Department of Psychology of the University of Athens. The relevant tool will be available in an open access format, and will be particularly useful to all Primary School teachers.

Bellow you can find all the publications of the collaboration:

  1. Development of a Computerized Assessment Tool for Mathematics Difficulties for Primary School Students
  2. Computerized Training for Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Improvement
  3. Assessment of Mathematics Difficulties for Second and Third Graders: Cognitive and Psychological Parameters
  4. Cognitive-Based E-Learning Design for Older Adults
  5. E-Learning for Deaf Adults from a User-Centered Perspective
  6. An Eight-Layer Model for Mathematical Cognition
  7. Policies, Practices, and Attitudes toward Inclusive Education: The Case of Greece
  8. Female Entrepreneurship and Employability in the Digital Era: The Case of Greece
  9. Enhanced Assessment Technology and Neurocognitive Aspects of Specific Learning Disorder with Impairment in Mathematics
  10. The Consciousness-Intelligence-Knowledge Pyramid: An 8×8 Layer Model
  11. ICT-based Innovation and Employability for Women
  12. Online Research for the Impact of ICTs on Greek Women’s Employability and Entrepreneurship
  13. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence Tutoring Techniques in Mathematics
  14. Emerging technologies for ICT based education for dyscalculia: Implications for computer engineering education
  15. On Line and Other Game-Based Learning for Mathematics
  16. A Review of Mobile Learning Applications for Mathematics
  17. ICT Based Screening Tools and Etiology of Dyscalculia