Programme:Information Society


Start Date:01/01/1991

End Date:31/12/1994

Duration:48 Months


Design and materialization of C.L.N.S. (CONNECTIONLESS NETWORK SERVICE), which is a pilot local area network within the ARIADNE Network. In addition, its interconnection with RARE C.L.N.S. pilot. The CONNECTIONLESS NETWORK protocol of the O.S.I. model is submitted to tests in this pilot test frame with the prospect that some time in the future it will replace TCP/IP, as a carrier since with the use of N.S.A.P. ADDRESSES in the C.L.N.S. network, the problems of TCP/IP’s ADDRESS SPACE capacity are surpassed. Via the CLNS network, O.S.I.’s services of superior level are provided which are the X.400, X.500 and FTAM.