Net Media Lab participated in a Teleconference with the School of Imbros in the Framework of the Intercultural School Network “Ariadne – Odysseus: Mitos and Nostos”

In the framework of our Intercultural School Network “Ariadne – Odysseus: Mitos and Nostos: Unwinding the Mitos, we unite all the cradles of Hellenism, indirectly achieving the nostalgia of all those who are far from home”, which aims at promoting intercultural communication to schools from Greece and the Greek communities and the promotion of digital skills, educational robotics, coding, emotional and social skills, as well as all the other skills from the 21st century skills umbrella, a teleconference with the school of Imbros was held on Wednesday 8th, 2022.

We communicated with the teachers and the children of the school, who were very happy and full of life. A tour at the Museum of Karagiozis by Mrs. Spathari, was held and children also watched a small performance.

The coordination was conducted by Mrs. Irini Haidi and Mr. Aris Koutras, a teacher of the School of Imbros.

We thank them all warmly and especially the children!

Learn more about the School Network here.